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Fuse together our Electronic Medical Records Software and our Practice Management components, and you have the ultimate integrated software system..AltaPoint EMR. Paper vs. Electronic has been debated over the past six years, and AltaPoint is here to end that debate and affirm that electronic medical records software is the ideal way to manage your records.

System Requirements
Certified Training

Harness the Power of Electronic Medical Records Software

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Research and Study

There has been extensive study and research done involving the benefits and controversies of switching to Electronic Medical Records software over paper-driven systems.

If you are torn on making the decision to switch to electronic medical records software, read some of the following articles below. This may help in your decision.

Electronic Health Records can be more Secure, Cost-Effective
by Barbara Brown, East Central Minnesota Post Review

Now available for AltaPoint: Patient Kiosk

Product Price
InvestMed Patient Kiosk* $995.00
InvestMed Web-Kiosk Add-On $295.00 set up fee, $69 per month
InvestMed Signature Capture Add-On $495.00 includes signature capture device
InvestMed Patient Kiosk Premiere*(includes both Add-on Modules) $1695.00 set up fee, $69 per month
Custom Programming Contact us for an estimate

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*Includes InvestMed Patient Kiosk Administrator FREE

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